How many pages is 4000 words?

How many pages is 4000 words equal? The answer is roughly 8 pages single-spaced, and 16 pages double-spaced. Your word processing program’s settings and page counts may produce somewhat different totals, but with standard margins and a 12-point Arial or Times New Roman font, you can anticipate a comparable outcome. Examples of 4000-word count pages might include longer blog posts, term papers for college, operating manuals, or other types of academic writing.

An article of 4000 words is eight(8) single-spaced pages or 16 double-spaced pages.

Table for how many pages is words

Check our simple table for single- or double-spaced pages based on a word count in Times New Roman or Arial 12-point font size.

Word CountPages (Single spaced)Pages (Double spaced)Font Size
250 words1/2 pages1 page12 point
300 words2/3 pages1⅓ pages12 point
400 words4/5 pages1⅗ pages12 point
500 words1 page2 pages12 point
600 words1⅓ pages2⅔ pages12 point
750 words pages3 pages12 point
800 words1⅗ pages3⅕ pages12 point
1000 words2 pages4 pages12 point
1200 words2⅖ pages4⅘ pages12 point
1500 words3 pages6 pages12 point
2000 words4 pages8 pages12 point
2500 words5 pages10 pages12 point
3000 words6 pages12 pages12 point
3500 words7 pages14 pages12 point
4000 words8 pages16 pages12 point
4500 words9 pages18 pages12 point
5000 words10 pages20 pages12 point
5500 words11 pages22 pages12 point
6000 words12 pages24 pages12 point
6500 words13 pages26 pages12 point
7000 words14 pages28 pages12 point
7500 words15 pages30 pages12 point
8000 words16 pages32 pages12 point
8500 words17 pages34 pages12 point
9000 words18 pages36 pages12 point
9500 words19 pages38 pages12 point
1000 words20 pages40 pages12 point